Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Holey Moley

It appears I'm sort of zooming through glove #1, despite my original miscalculations that resulted in frogging down to the cuff. I made a stupid mistake in measuring my gauge. Recall that I noted my stitch gauge as 8 sts per inch? Well, that was actually my row gauge.

Duh! I measured vertical stitch count (row gauge), not horizontal stitch count (stitch gauge) and merrily cast 64 stitches on during the Olympic Opening Ceremony. It wasn't until I got well into the gusset that I realized that I had made a huge mistake.

These gloves are for my mother, who, while fairly petite, is also fairly...uh...heavy. So, I figured that having a larger diameter cuff was no big deal and decided to just rip back to the ribbing. Rachael bravely did the frogging after she tried that technique of picking up the stitches with a smaller diameter circular needle. It worked well, and I was able to decrease down to the 48 stitches I originally should have cast on. (I just love Lucia's knitting calculation tools. Thanks!)

I'm not liking the little holes at the base of the fingers. I keep thinking there is some trick to avoiding the holes that I just don't know yet. But, I'm trying not to be too tough on myself; this is my first pair of gloves.

I'm hoping to finish up the knitting on this glove by Friday and get a good amount of work done on the second glove Saturday. Why the push? I'll be really busy at work next week and am sure that I'll get little knitting time. So, I really must get more done.

Onward fellow Olympians!

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