Friday, May 19, 2006

Look, more photos!

Yeah, it's sort of a cheap and easy come on, but there are more photo links available in the sidebar now. I've updated my Blogger template to link to the carefully organized and tagged sets of photos I've established in my Flickr account.

After experiencing failing CDs and nearly a week of crappy laptop problems, I'm pushing more and more of my digital photos to the Flickr server. I'm thinking it may be a better storage solution for my precious memories.

Anways, the newest photos are not mine but Jamie's pics of the Windy City Knitting Guild outing to Lorna's Laces. I didn't say a lot about the tour other than that I bought lots of yarn, but let me note the Beth Casey was absolutely wonderful. She graciously came in on a Saturday, opened her studio to a bunch of yarn-crazy women, and then gave us an awesome tour that included a demonstration of her dyeing a batch of yarn in the very popular Gold Hill colorway. Thank you, Beth.

I'll keep adding more photos to Flickr and updating my sidebar links. I still haven't finished uploading all the awesome photos Mark and I took in Washington D.C. last October, so look for those soon.

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