Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hyderabad ramblings

I'm here for work, so I haven't been out sightseeing and being a tourist for the past few days.

Hyderabad trafficCommuting to the office through a small traffic jam.

But, I have been able to take full advantage of one benefit of visiting India: the food.

India has an extraordinary culinary heritage, and it has the best vegetarian food in the world. (Well, that's my opinion, at least.) Every morning at the hotel, there is some sort of traditional Indian food available on the buffet. One morning I had idlis and sauce, and this morning I had some sort of dish made with potatos.

For lunch, I've managed to eat in the company cafeteria where I can get a tray with assorted small dishes, all of them splendid. Yesterday it was chana dal, lentil dal, and a veg dish made with eggplant and potato. Today it was a mixed dal, okra, and snake gourd. All served with heaps of yummy basmati rice and plain paratha.

I'm not a vegetarian, but I can appreciate excellent cuisine. So while I'm here, I'm eating mostly vegetarian. I can't wait for dinner!

While the hotel is very nice, I've had some challenges with their wireless Internet. For some reason, I cannot view any blogs hosted on Blogger, including my own! While I can get to to write blog entries, I cannot view my published entries. This means it is also difficult for me to view any comments left here. It's been a bit frustrating, but at least I can get to Flickr with no problems and use Skype to converse with Mark. Ah, the wonders of technology!


V Reddy said...

Actually the Blogs were accidently banned in India for a few and so probably that is the reason of you not being able to access your blog.

BTW, Where are you working in Hi-Tech City if its ok for you to reveal? I am working for HSBC Group Service Centre in the lane opposite to Google and beside Dell.

V Reddy said...

Here is the link for that Blog Ban News

Linda said...

Hi, Vishnu! I was working at the Deloitte office in Hi-Tech City. HSBC, eh? The girlfriend of one of my collegues at Deloitte is at HSBC. I'm back in the US now, but had a lovely time in Hyderabad. I'm hoping to get back someday soon.

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