Monday, October 23, 2006

Love/Hate Situations

Sounds heavy, doesn't it? Well, I'm going to spill my guts here about some deep intimate secrets, but this topic seems to keep popping up for me lately.

I love my kitty. I hate my kitty. Just look at her. What a cutie pie, right? So innocent looking. But then she does something that really flips my switches. I've taken to refering to her as "cockroach kitty" because she WILL get into whatever food you leave laying around, including the remains left on plates and bowls when you're done with your meal.

I hear the tink sound of cutlery against the dishes and know that if I dashed into the kitchen I'd find her licking the remains of dinner off a plate Mark casually sat in the sink for washing up. I keep reminding Mark to rinse his dishes off right away or the "cockroach kitty" will get them. What's worse is when she finds some sort of food (or even non-food) item on the counter and knocks it down to the floor. Sadie is happy to pick up from there to consume (or chew to bits) the item. I wonder what kind of kick backs Sadie is giving Fiona.

Today while I'm diligently working away in the office, I hear her messing with stuff in the bedroom. What's she into this time? She's figured out how to use the little drawer pulls on my jewelry box so she can open them up and mess around with the contents. I don't have a lot of fancy jewelry in there, but I still don't want it strewn around the bedroom. Especially since Sadie would be happy to chew it up. (See note above.)

Not only is my costume jewelry at risk, but so are my hair ties. See, I started stuffing them in there after she figured out how to get into the little container I've always kept them in. Fiona loves to play with and chew up my hair ties, and although this is cheap and relatively harmless toy, I do need to tie my hair back sometimes and need them for their intended purpose. Now they are back inside the old container, which is inside one of my dresser drawers. Let's she her figure that out! She's smart, that's for sure, but this behavior still annoys me.

Oh, and I also no longer drink water from a glass because of her antics. Now I use one of those refillable sports bottles for my water (and I drink mostly water these days). Would you want to drink a glass of water that the cat just dipped her paw in? I don't want litter-box flavored water.

And then...then she rubs up against me purring away in the morning when I get up, and I forget all of the annoyances.

I love my hat. I hate my hat. What's so hard about knitting a hat? Why do I have so much trouble making a simple hat? When I made one for Mark in the spring, I recall having to cast on and frog it several times. When the weather started getting nippy, I realized that I didn't have a "squishable" hat anymore. I had a polar fleece one for many years, but it finally was irretrievably lost in the early spring. I also have sheepskin hats that are very warm, but they aren't the kind you can squish up and stuff in your pocket. So, I thought I'd whip up a quick hat for myself.

[OK, and here's where I say, "I love Blogger. I hate Blogger." Why, oh why, do you make it so f***ing difficult to post photos sometimes, Blogger? I guess this is it for posting today. Bite me, Blogger. I'm ready for a new blogging software now.]

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