Friday, June 08, 2007


I cycled to and from work again today, and I had my first accident. I'm OK, but the bike is messed up.

I was on my way home this afternoon and was still in the Loop when an a**hole of a cab driver caused my accident. I was in the bike lane approaching an intersection. Ahead and to my right was cab #1, dropping off a fare. I was watching this cab closely to see if he would pull away from the curb and into my bike lane. No, he was going to turn right. Fine. But cab #2 on my left caught me by surprise as it cut in front of me so he could turn right, too. He left me about 3-4 feet to come to a dead stop. Not enough.

I braked hard, but could see that inevitably I was going to end up in a collision. I screamed loud. I screamed like a little girl, wailing and piercingly high. I hit the bumper of cab #1 head on, flipped over the handle bars, and ended up on the trunk of cab #1. I pushed myself off the cab, then I cursed loudly, in very ungirl-like words. I think my exact words were "God damn motherfu**er!!" Or something equally coarse and nasty.

I was shaking. My right elbow hurt. The index finger on my left hand was jammed. Pedestrians were asking me if I was alright. Both cab drivers asked if I was alright. I told them I thought I was OK. I was more worried about my bike.

As I got on the bike and headed on up Canal Street, I could tell it was not right. It felt like something was wrong with the front. It wasn't until I was about 5 miles along my ride that I realized my front brake was stuck. And it wasn't until I was completely home, 9 miles later, that I really looked at the front of my bike. The front fork is ruined. It is completely pushed in. No wonder my front tire felt funny. No wonder I had to have the front tire pointed absolutely straight ahead as I took off from a complete stop; if I didn't, the tire would rub against the pedals.

The bike is already in the shop. In total, the damages will be just over $100. In currency, that is. Yes, I will continue to ride. But not next week, since it will take that long to get a new fork and have it installed.

I also have a swollen lump over my right knee. Great. My already bad right knee now has a bruise.

As I rode home I was angry, angry, angry.

Please, if you drive a car at all, watch for cyclists. I'm a good cyclist. I don't do stupid shit like weave in and out of traffic or dash in front of drivers. So, why ignore me? Why treat me like a piece of trash blowing across the road?

F***ing drivers!


Anonymous said...

Did you get the cabbie's insurance information? Or at least his cab number? His insurance ought to cover that, just as it would in any other kind of accident.

Anonymous said...

When a car hit me and my bicycle in Toronto, the driver was charged with unsafe driving.
His insurance paid for a new bike (I don't have a car or car insurance, or I would have received more).
Please make sure to make a complaint!
I hope you are feeling better these days.
No one needs a car accident.