Monday, September 19, 2005

I love my husband!

My lovely, wonderful husband Mark has saved the day for me! I poured my heart out to him last night over the phone about how upset I was with losing my knitting pattern. He offered to take the book to work with him today, copy and fax it to my hotel.

There were problems, of course. The fax wasn't going through, but he kept trying. Over and over again. I finally got it, and now I'm able to work on my shawl during my travels home tomorrow. What a fabulous man I have!

I was really running on empty today, and this lucky break made me feel so good. I had about 3.5 hours of sleep last night and made it to the conference lunch break only through sheer adrenaline and lots of caffeine. There are so many reasons why I may not have been able to sleep last night, but I'm not going to go into them here. Because tonight I am tired and I think I can get to sleep pretty soon.

Tomorrow is a whirlwind with the last day of conference, and me rushing off to the airport before it ends so I can get home in time to attend the inaugural Chicago Stitch n' Pitch night at the White Sox game. If there are no significant flight delays, I should be able to make it to O'Hare, stop off quickly at home to drop off my suitcase and grab my ticket, then hop back on the el to get to US Cellular Field.

Despite all the fuss around the shawl pattern, I don't think I'll be bringing it to the ball game. It will require too much close attention. Instead, I think I will bring the sock that I started last night in a desperate attempt to ward off my insomnia. I can work a K2P2 pattern pretty easily while enjoying the game.

So, it's off to bed with me now!

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