Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sox win!

Chicago Stitch n' Pitch was a rousing success last night. There were knitters galore in the bleachers, and the game was an intense one that had us jumping up and cheering like mad. My throat was actually a bit sore when I got home. The White Sox won in the 10th inning when Joe Crede hit a home run. As dramatic as that was, I think it would have been even more awesome if Jose Uribe had done the same at the bottom of the 9th inning and brought in all his team mates that were on base; it would have been a grand slam home run and my throat would have really been raw then.

Here's Jamie with the last section of her Coming Home poncho. I gotta admire the fact that she can actually work it in Homespun. *shudder*
Jenna proudly displays her SnB affiliation.

Jenna was working on the Clapotis, too, but she is much further along than I am. She has rocket-fueled needles or something, except when trying to make the stitches of her mohair-blend yarn drop!There's this weird thing about my projects and Jenna's projects. For some reason, we have more than once found that we're working on the same project. I will admit that sometimes I see her working on something and pick up the idea from her, but other times we'll just see each other at SnB with our knitting and realize that we're working the same project. Hmmmm.....

Rachael (right) and Sarah (left) were in pretty good moods, despite having to deal with a sick husband and son (in Sarah's case)/roommates (in Rachael's case) for the past week. Oh, and if Rachael passed that cold on to me, I'm going to think of some wicked way to make her pay! Way in the back is Brenda chatting it up with the Sox marketing contact.

Shannon got a bit nutty as the night progressed, but was clearly enjoying the beer. Shannon brought not only her knitting, but a mitt, too, just in case...

Shannon is the die-hard baseball fan of the group, and it's quite funny that her roommate (who shall remain nameless here) was saying that, in her opinion, she was quite sure baseball games only have 8 innings. Well, in this case, the game had 10 innings, J----!

There were many knitters I had never met enjoying the game, too.

Yes, a rousing success and lots of fun!

...On the needles...

I'm happy to be back working on my Clapotis again. It's at that stage where it was too large to carry on the plane, so I had to leave it at home. As I returned home from the airport yesterday, I was happy to see that my latest Knit Picks order arrived safely and was waiting for me between the doors; in it was the extra Andean Silk Twist I need to finish up the Clapotis. It will be done this weekend, I hope. I've finished up Section 3 and am ready to start the decrease section now.

I worked a bit more on the shawl during the flight, but I've determined that I need to work out a way to track which row in the 4-row repeat I'm on and the total row count at the same time before I work on it much more. Rachael suggested creating a simple spreadsheet, which sounds like a fabulous idea. That'll be a mini-project for another day, though, because it's almost my bed time!

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Hey Linda, I don't have your cell number so give me a call. What are you doing friday the 30th at 7pm, care for a road trip to Naperville? Diana Gabaldon is doing a book signing!!!