Thursday, March 30, 2006


Lately I've been a slave to my MP3 player. I've spent a tremendous amount of time learning about how to best use it's features and load it up with podcasts. I spent about 2 hours Sunday night searching Podcast Alley for stuff I wanted to listen to people talk about: knitting, gardening, dogs, environmental stuff, etc. OMG, there's a podcast for nearly everything!

Of course, now that I have the ability to pick and choose exactly what I want to hear, I've also started to load it up with music. I never saw that coming, and now I'm thinking I should have purchased a player with a larger capacity.

I feel like I've finally bridged the MP3 geek gap and can move on. But, I'm now starting to feel a the urge to dabble in podcasting coming on. Help me. I must stop!

On the knitting front, I've been creating and not just destroying. I finished a hat for Mark.
Mark's hat

I've been promising him this hat since Christmas and finally got it finished. Hurray! Who knew a hat could be so difficult? I frogged and re-started this hat about 3 times before the final version.

And look at thissilk scarf in progress I'm making a cute little decorative scarf for myself out of this luscious yarn I picked up at Nina during her sale a few weeks ago. The yarn is Art Yarns Regal Silk, a 100% hand painted silk yarn. The color is noted as #130, but I can't seem to find that color on the site. Maybe this is an older colorway.

I love the softness and sheen of this yarn. It was an indulgance, but I'm worth it, right? I'm knitting it up in a simple lace pattern that will hopefull pop a bit more when I block it. Hmm....I've never blocked 100% silk before...hmmm...the label says dry clean only...hmmm...I'll figure this out.

Jamie seems to like the yarn, too.Jamie with silk does seem good enough to eat!


giddybug said...

Linda, to block the silk, pin it while dry, then spritz it with water and let dry completely.

Linda said...

Thanks for the blocking tip!