Sunday, June 25, 2006


OK, three guesses as to what these photos mean.
Grazing sheep

Grazing sheep.

A friendly dog A friendly dog.

Wheels and fiber Wheels and fiber.

Yes, the correct answer is: a vist to The Fold! [OK, photo number 2 may have been a bit of a red herring, but those who have visited The Fold are familiar with Eric, the official shop "greeter."]

Jamie, Rachael and I visited The Fold yesterday and had a fabulous time. The traffic on I-90 was reasonable, the weather was sweet (not too hot, not too cold), and we had a fabulous time visiting with Toni, trying out a wheel, and fondling fibers and yarn.

Before arriving at The Fold, we stopped in downtown Marengo for lunch at the Marengo Cafe, a nice little diner with fabulous hamburgers, and then crossed over to the Flatlander Market for some local and gourmet goodies to take home, and some full strength coffee to go. Suitabley fortified for a few hours of fiber fun, we headed down the road to The Fold.

The sheep were out (obviously) and we "city girls" lamely attempted to get their attention by "baaing" and waving stalks of grass. You can see the reaction we elicited in our "group shot" below.
The whole crew

There are lots more photos, but Blogger is being a pain again and not allowing me to post them. So, visit the set on Flickr and enjoy!

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Dee said...

Ah, so jealous, I love The Fold. The last time I was there my group ate at the same cafe. I never thought to look for local tasty treats to take back home, smart women you three are!