Friday, June 23, 2006

I've been up to...

Lots of work, for sure, but also periods of fun, fun, fun.

I had a wonderful birthday week, including gifts from friends and a cake presented to me at WWKIP. Jamie gave me homemade gifts: handspun yarn and a necklace, and Rachael gave me a beautiful Dracinia that is now gracing the upper porch. Mark bought me a video iPod, which I think I've finally gotten used to. And the following weekend, my sister presented me with a wonderful picnic dinner that we enjoyed while enjoying School of Rock at Independence Park (one of the Chicago Park District's Movies in the Park events).

So, it hasn't been all work and no play.

The garden beds are taking good care of themselves. At this time of year, I only have to make sure it stays watered, do some light weeding, and enjoy the fruits of my labors.

black raspberry cluster A ripe black raspberry, on the bush and ready for picking.

raspberry harvest All this was harvested just today. Plenty more to come!

raspberries close upGiant berries! Look at the size of the yellow raspberry on the right. Geez, you'd think I was feeding the plant my own blood. No, this isn't Little Shop of Horrors in my backyard. All the yellow raspberries are huge for some reason.

Obviously, the black and yellow raspberries have started to ripen. The red ones are always a week or two behind for some reason.

Well, Blogger isn't letting me show you any more photos right now, so I may as well sign off. We've got a bottle of wine to consume and a pizza to cook. Ah...I love Friday nights!

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Erica said...

Happy Birthday! And your berries are marvelous!