Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Stitch n Bitch controversy

No, not the controversy about Sew Fast Sew Easy.
Bite Me SFSE Button published with the permission of The Knitting Curmudgeon. Thanks!

I mean this crisis that faced the few "early bird," dedicated SnB women who showed up at our usual gathering place last night.

Eviction NoticeLocked out! No Trespassing! And no place to knit. This caught us off guard until some quick thinking women who live in the neighborhood came up with an alternate location for the evening. Then we just needed to figure out how to spread the word the folks who would be coming by a bit later.

That's a sheet of notepaper Jamie luckily had on hand, and I found a couple bandages in my purse that we used to stick the note on the door.

I feel kind of bad for the cafe owner. I guess his business wasn't doing so well, although he was always very nice to us. Now we also have to figure out where to gather. This location was so convenient: close to an el stop and major bus lines for those who take public transit, and with plenty of street parking for those who drive.

I've had some knitting progress recently, though. Another Finished Object! May I present, my wonderfully functional fingerless mittens:
fingerless mittensI wore them at the office yesterday after the super high level of air-conditioning began to numb me. They helped a lot. Although, when one of my colleagues dropped by my cubicle and saw me with a shawl (my Clapotis) draped around me and a pair of fingerless mittens on, he commented that I looked like Bob Cratchit. I really don't care...I'm warm!

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