Friday, June 02, 2006

A wonderful, Neat(by) day!

Ok, that title may sound corny, but I couldn't resist. Today I took a day off of work and did this:

Swatch2Photos courtesy of Mark Williams: my awesome, highly talented husband.

The Windy City Knitting Guild is hosting a series of workshops this weekend with Lucy Neatby. I couldn't resist the chance to meet Lucy and learn some of her innovative techniques. I had a total blast today, and am signed up for another course on Sunday AM that I am now extremely excited about.

The swatches above show some of the great techniques I learned today, such as Channel Islands cast on, short-row garter stitch heels for socks, a different crocheted provisional cast on, a Turkish or after-thought sock heel, and a chimney to aid with grafting. Oh, I learned more than that, but it just doesn't show on these swatches.

I haven't taken a lot of knitting classes, but I have to say that Lucy is my hands down favorite instructure now. Some designers and authors may come across great on paper, but they just lack certain people skills needed for conducting classes. Lucy was able to handle a room full of independent women: keeping us all on the same page (or close enough to it that her presentations really worked), and dealing with us all with a calm, interested demeanor. I learned a LOT from her session on Sensational Socks, and what I learned applies to not just socks.

As for my real "on the needles" projects, I'm still finishing up those toe-up socks. I've finished the short-row heel (in stockinette stitch) so it will soon be done. Really, it shouldn't take too long to finish up the leg portion, especially since I've now moved up from 2.25 mm double point needles to 2.5 mm Addi Turbo (circular) needles.

I've also started on a pair of fingerless mittens in DK weight Knit Picks Merino Style. These are absolutely essential to have completed ASAP now that we are into air conditioning season at work. There are days when I get so cold that my fingers and nose become icy and numb. I'm hoping the fingerless mittens will help. I'm also thinking that I may need to knit a pair of leg warmers for the days I wear skirts and maybe even a nose warmer...assuming our business casual dress code will allow it.

In the garden I am still way behind. I haven't even put the purchased tomato and pepper plants in the ground. Mark did generously help me move around compost after work on Wednesday, and I have most of my shrub pruning done.

Now that I have a Flickr account, I'm kind of lazy about posting photos here on my blog. I do update the Flickr account at least once a week with new photos, so be sure to check out the newest ones of what's blooming in the garden.

At least the mating frenzy of the box elder bugs seems to be over now, making it a little less creepy in the garden. They're essentially harmless to my garden, but having hundreds of double ended mating pairs crawling around in the mulch or unlucky singles flying up at you is kind of gross and off-putting.


Valerie said...

You know that you can just hit the "blog this" button on flickr to add pictures to your blog?

Dee said...

Linda, I enjoyed knitting with you and Lucy on Sunday! I found the link to the Lorna's trip in the WCKG newsletter and saw the pictures you posted...and I checked out your sweet pups and other projects too all very wonderful. I am still amazed at your Clapotis and the KP yarn, wow!