Friday, November 03, 2006

Santa Cruz'in

Today we were here
Santa Cruz Wharf in the rain

Santa Cruz Wharf on a grey, rainy morning.

And we saw this

Sea lions bunking under the Santa Cruz Wharf Sea lions "bunking" under the wharf.

I was totally delighted by the sea lions under the wharf. I think Mark was pretty bored by it after a few minutes, but I walked around the pier listening for their "barks" and peeking at them.

We also visited a winery tasting room in Felton and got lost trying to get to Bonny Doon winery. Mark's mobile phone signal died, and with it the GPS directions/locator. We were on a little twisty road in a mountain pass in the middle of the redwoods. I guess it would have been pretty cool if I weren't a bit freaked out by the smallness of the road and the fact that we were hugging a mountain. Good practice for Big Sur, which I will attempt to drive to tomorrow.

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