Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A little taste of Mexico

I've finally uploaded the few photos I have from my Mexico trip to my Flickr account. I didn't take very many photos myself, and the following series was taken by Harriet (thanks!).

Raquel, one of the ladies on the spa trip, grew up in Mexico. One evening, she shared with us a type of fruit that she recalls eating in her youth. Here's Raquel showing us the fruit and how to prepare it for eating.

Raquel displaying fruitThe fruit is cut open and served up with a spoon, sort of like a soft boiled egg. Raquel described the flavor as "delicious," but it certainly didn't look that way. When it was cut open, it looked sort of lot snot. Snot with lots of chunky boogers in it. You can see it here in my hand.

The infamous fruitSee how it's sort of viscous and slimy? See those chunks of stuff? Those are the seeds (boogers). I decided that the easiest way to eat the thing was to down it like an oyster. So...

A fruit shooter

Down the hatch! It actually was delicious. The seeds added a crunchiness that reminded me of noshing on a pomegranate.

I make a habit of trying available local food or culinary specialities whenever I travel, and this is far from the strangest thing I've eaten. (I think the fried caterpillars in Zambia would rate as the strangest.) Wish I could recall the name of the fruit! If you have any idea, leave a note in the comments.

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