Monday, March 05, 2007

Back at it

We've been getting some sun around here, which is a big improvement. Yesterday was sunny, and this afternoon the clouds lifted to reveal some lovely sunniness again. Natural light is the best for taking photos, so I feel doubly lucky that we've not only had a couple days break in the clouds, but I got a new digital camera yesterday. Woo hoo!

I actually broke down and ordered it last week through, but did the free super saver shipping option. Wow is it annoying to track your package when you opt for budget shipping. The package seems arrive at your local postal sorting station with great speed, but to then just sit there for days and days and days and days...All I'm saying is that this camera sat at the Forest Park, IL postal station for nearly a week before I got it. Mark says it's because the savings part means they deliver to your area when the truck is full, not just to meet a delivery date. Although if that's the case, then why are they working on Sunday? Isn't that a more expensive day to deliver it to me? Whatever...I'm glad I got it.

It is a Canon PowerShot SD700 IS, and boy is it sweet. Compact, with a 4x optical zoom, 6 megapixels, and an image stabilizer, it is powerful and solidly built. It actually is pretty weighty for its small size. My last camera was a Canon, and I can't say I ever had a problem with it. Until the LCD screen got messed up, but that wasn't an equipment failure. I paid about the same for this baby as I did for my Canon SD 200 2 years ago.

After the battery was all charged up, I took a few shots in the house. By this time it was early evening, and I caught a napping dog:

Sadie napping with her toy version 1
I then optimized the Manual focus settings for better flash and color (that Vivid setting is great!) and took another shot:

Sadie napping with her toy version 2Can you see the difference? This second one is much less washed out and the color of the chair is spot on. Although, Sadie had moved a bit and you can't see quite as much of her "squeaker" toy. (Notice how it is carefully tucked away so no one -- meaning Hannah -- can mess with it while she takes a nap?)

What I was really eager to photograph though, is my latest and greatest knitting FO. I guess I will have to create another post for it, though, as Blogger has decided to not let me upload any more photos. Hang tight!

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