Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My competitive spirit...

is apparently alive and well. I don't like to think of myself as competitive, but I guess I have at least a little bit in me.

1) I emailed the link of my last blog entry to several friends. By doing so, I not only released it into the wilds of the Internet to frolic and spawn, I intentionally promoted it. Then, I quickly added a free hit counter from BraveNet because I wanted to see how many people it would bring to my blog. I've been checking my site stats and my comments every night, too. (Thanks for the comment, Erica!)

2) I find the fact that I'm one of the folks bringing up the rear on the "Buy More Yarn" competition discouraging. After looking closely at my position last night and carefully reading over the rules, I'm thinking that the forerunners must be spinners buying fiber. I mean, really, who could buy more than 100 skeins of yarn in two months? Did you win the freaking lottery or something? Or are you thinking that you should be reporting your yarn buying in ounces instead of skeins? Or are you buying teeny, tiny little skeins of yarn? (If so, I want to know what it is for competitive intelligence purposes, at least.) WTF?

3) Despite the fact that I've been working really long days this week and had a very busy weekend, I'm proud of the progress I'm making on my Knitting Olympics project: my first gloves. First glove Above is glove #1, completed last Saturday night. While this isn't exactly trick photography, I did strategically position the glove to make it seem that all the inevitable little holes between the fingers had been closed up and the ends weaved in. (If you have a tip to share on how to avoid those holes between the fingers, please do share it. I've reviewed all the knitting material in my home library and tried a Google search last night to find some tips, but I'm coming up short, here. I mean, other than the obvious "twist the stitches you pick up" trick.) In other words, I do still have finishing work to do here. second gloveAnd here is glove #2. I'm well into the thumb gusset and feel pretty good about the progress. Am I over-confident? Only time will tell. Unlike the brave atheletes of our Winter Olympics, if I falter or stumble at least I won't find myself with my face plowing into the ice and/or being carried out on a stretcher, right?


Valerie said...

I think you should feel especially bad that Renata--a 17 yr old!!! is beating you! I mean, sure, she probably doesn't have to pay a mortgage or for food or utilities, but still, that's a whole lot of babysitting gigs!

Elspeth said...

Scarily enough, I'm not just buying fiber -- I just found too many good sales on Knitter's Review (stash reductions), Ebay, Little Knits and Knit Picks! I'm also pairing buying yarn with selling my CD collection so I can trade collections sort of, with not much cash outlay. Although I am a bit worried about Dave who was a frontrunner and said he has bought stuff and just not had it recorded. I'm pretty much done, so he may just come up from behind and win!